Nail That Vacation Tan

261378_relaxinBeautiful bronzed skin is the epitome of beauty.  It makes women more desirable.  In addition, women who are tanner feel better about themselves.  Statistics show that tanner women feel thinner and happier.  Make tan skin a priority on your next vacation.  Follow these suggestions for the ultimate bronzed skin.

Pre Tan

In order to maximize your vacation tan, make sure to prepare properly.  Good preparation involves pre tanning.  During the pre tan, you prepare your skin gradually for the sun so that it has a base color come vacation time.  Pre tanning is a slow process.  Spend a few minutes at the local tanning booth or sit in the sun during your lunch break.  This is the perfect amount of time to develop some color without burning.  Then, when you hit the sun full blast, you will not burn.

Use The Right Tools

In addition to the pre tan, it is important to use the right tools.  Prepare your skin properly with lotion, sunscreen, and the best stretch mark cream.  These tools will help you to maximize your tan and they will eliminate dry, flabby skin.  After all, a tan is only as good as the surface.  And if your skin doesn’t look good, neither will your tan.

Don’t Overdo It Day One

Next, remember to take it slow on day one.  You might need to take some breaks and let your skin breathe in the shade.  A good tan can happen if you get burned the first day, so exercise patience.  The more cautious you are the first day, the better.  And you will be able to better evaluate how your skin handles the sun in that area.

Get a new outfit to show off your tan when you get home.  Remember, your tan only looks good if it’s exposed!

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