Inspiring Travel Videos on Youtube

1385799_australiaWhat’s new in the land of iPads, iPods, computers, cell phones and web sites in the way of travel?

ATTENTION You Tube lovers:

Version 3.6 of the YouTube Downloader has recently been released. You will now be able to convert music and movies to the beloved iPad. Much more time can be saved now by PRO users during conversion by picking a number of videos for conversion simultaneously. This new version is now available in: Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese, polish, Norwegian, Kurdish, battalion, Hungarian, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch, Czech, Croatian, simplified Chinese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Arabic, Albanian and English. Thankfully this new version works out a lot of the kinks that hampered the older version. But that’s what new and improved versions are all about.

With So Many Languages Available; Travel To Different Areas Is Easier To Explore

Other video formats including Yahoo Video, Google Video, and Face Book can be converted with this software as well so that your chances of travel exploration are even further increased and enhanced. But You Tube didn’t stop there. Videos are also downloadable for MP3, XVid, Windows Media, cell phones, PSP, iPhones and iPods. Visit beautiful and exotic countries without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Decide ahead of time what type of surroundings you prefer before you make the trip. Not only are beautiful landscapes and country sides available but information about countries abounds on the Internet. Blogs and Facebook are great sources to pick up personal opinions by people who have traveled to far away, and not so far away places. Accommodations can be explored ahead of time as well through these very resources.

These applications can be used in school, at work and at home. In order to download the video of your choice simply enter the URL and hit OK. It’s that simple.

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