Consider Taking Part in a Meditative Retreat

1377967_scenic_lake_viewFor many of us, it is difficult to imagine sharing in a group. Those who have found a way in which to get in touch with their inner selves however may be more inclined to share their techniques and thoughts about meditation, with others.

Retreats And Holistic Holidays

Glastonbury, Somerset’s Shambhala; workshops on the Isle of Wight by David Hughes and Sylvia Clare; Wimborne, Dorset’s Gaunts House; Anglesey’s healing center; Scotland’s NewBold House or Dhanakosa Buddhist meditation and yoga; all retreats, getaways and holidays involving meditation, holistic treatment, workshops, therapies and organizations for those seeking healing, peace of mind and in search of their inner selves. Coincidentally, all are located in the UK. Of course the UK does not have the market cornered on Meditation Techniques.

United States Meditation Spots Not Too Shabby

The United States itself has some meditation retreats and getaways similar to those listed above in the UK. Kentucky’s Abbey of Gethsemani; Colorado’s Shambhala Mountain; the Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz; Oregon Hot Spring’s Breitenbush and others have much to offer such as mineral baths, yoga and meditation as their main attractions.
Even New York, in all its busyness, has found an area upstate that revolves around free love, utopia and spiritualism… I think I just had a flashback to the sixties!

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