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Travel Reaps New Home Design Ideas



Waking up the first morning back in your own bed, you thought over where life had taken you recently. It was not that long ago that you were traveling abroad, and were inspired by all the different types of homes you came across, during your travels. Home design is an expansive field- you knew that much. You had seen the magazines, articles, and shows on tv that showcased all the different options and styles that were open to you over the years, but it wasn’t until you started seeing them in person, during your travels that you’re mind really started racing.

Travel not only broadened your horizons and relaxed your spirit, it got your creativity flowing as well. With so much information processing it’s way through your mind, you weren’t even sure where to start. One thing did stand out, however.


Get Out There And See The World

You were surprised by how fashionable in both look and design roller doors have become over the years. You pictured one set up in your garage, and the visualization alone was enough to convince you. The door added a refined, industrial look that really made your home stand out from all the others on your block, and it provided better protection from the elements than the old one that was currently attached to your garage. A bit of research showed you just how versatile and beneficial roller doors could be to a home, and that’s what sealed the deal. Big plans started to form in your mind, and they all started with your garage. It’s exterior remodeling would serve as the starting point for everything else you would do to your home.

Let New Experiences Guide You

Thinking back, you were amazed by how all of this started by getting outside of your comfort zone and travelling. Without that time away from familiar surroundings, things would have just kept on going as they were in your life. And while that wouldn’t have necessarily been a bad thing, you were happy to gain a new sense of perspective on things.
Moving forward, you planned to make an effort to remain more open minded than you had been in the past. Sometimes change was difficult, but sometimes it left you for the better. This was definitely the case. The new garage door would be a great start to better things for you and your home.

Traveling For A Wedding Is The Best Time To Shop

You have put so much work into your wedding. The dresses for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the invitations. The music sound system or maybe you have a live band. Decorations, flowers, table coverings. Food and drink. You worry that your guests will be satisfied and happy. And, to top it off, your wedding isn’t even in your home town. You have to travel for it. Should this be more stress? Absolutely not! Often times when traveling for a wedding, you can find spectacular deals and items you may not be able to find in your home town, including wedding shoes. This will allow you a little more freedom and variety, not only for your wedding in general, but for you for new clothing purchases.

Shopping On The Honeymoon

The wedding is over. You and your new husband have finally made it through the wedding, made the rounds to all of your guests, and have driven away to begin your new life together. But first, the wedding night and honeymoon are about to begin. Suddenly you realize you forgot something back home in the closet! The lingerie. Now, of course your husband probably won’t care. After all, men don’t really care what you wear, as long as they get to see you naked. This, however, is your special night. Fortunately, if your honeymoon is in a major city most malls have lingerie stores. If your honeymoon takes you to a beach location, you may find more stunning beach wear at your destination rather than from your city of origin. Beach resorts specialize in swimsuits, bikini’s, and if your buttocks is shaped for it, the daringly skimpy thong! You may even find other outfits you never expected to find back home.

Shopping For The Honeymoon

Don’t forget your footwear. Men will take a couple pairs of shoes and be happy. Women know better. Shoes can make or break an outfit. But again, depending on where you go for the honeymoon, you may find something you can’t live without along the way. Perhaps a new pair for that slinky evening dress you brought, or a new pair of sandals for the beach. Or even a sexy pair of stiletto heels to go with the lingerie you just bought, because you forgot to pack what you originally bought and left it hanging in the closet back home.

No matter what, be prepared for a few side trips for shopping. You will be surprised at what you can find along the way!

Packing Properly For A Trip To Costa Rica

1397457_untitledWhen deciding to pick up and haul the entire family and all your relations to Costa Rica, for that rural family reunion adventure, remember to let everyone know that this is the tropics folks.  What you pack can have a direct effect on just how much fun you can have together.

God Bless the Airlines in Their Infinite Wisdom

It would take too long to name all of the airlines that are now charging, not just extra for your second, but even charging for your first bag!  To my knowledge, Southwest Airlines is the only airline that is still allowing you at least one free bag, in the baggage compartment.  Considering that, the lighter you pack the less chance you will have of needing a large enough bag, for the baggage compartment, or going over the weight limit for that bag.  Remember, when packing, that you’re going to return home with, more likely than not, a lot more than you left with from home.  Souvenirs and other must-have items will be taking up room, that may not have been there before you traveled to Costa Rica.  Some people pack an extra bag, which can flatten out for the trip there and be utilized to carry extras on the way back.  Don’t forget that if you’re carrying it, it has to pass inspection.

There’s Plenty of Shopping in Costa Rica

If you forget to pack some of your favorite items there is no shortage of places to shop in this lovely island paradise.  You can always take time out from your water adventures and volcanic tours, to take the entire family shopping.  Here are just a few suggestions: handicrafts at Sarchi’s Taller Eloy Alfaro;  Coffee Britt Chocolates are a huge deal already at the airport, but can be purchased throughout the city; fresh, tasty vegetables and fruit can be found in abundance, all over the place; San Jose’s Artesan Market; don’t worry if you lose your glasses, because you can pick some up at Cartago’s Supermas; if culture is your style there is art available from local artists, at Galeria Estudio, and finally Mercardo Artesania and Central in San Jose.

And don’t worry, there is always someone willing to sell you one-size-fits-all T-shirts and shorts.  Sandals can be found nearby and sunscreen is always available, somewhere.  Just because you forgot yours doesn’t mean that everyone else did, too.  Whoops, did I mention packing a swimsuit?  I’ll just bet you can buy one there!

Traveling Abroad – What you Need to Bring

1413873_Any time you travel away from your home, for an extended amount of time, there are always things that must be kept in mind for your trip.  How many pair of socks?  What kind of clothing needs to be brought (casual or dressy)?  Should I take my own shampoo or live off what the hotel provides?  If you have medications, the decision of what and how much to bring is important to your daily health.  If you are traveling outside the United States this decision can be especially critical. Online Canadian  Pharmacy can help, with the costs of your medications.  But what medications you need to bring on your trip depends on your medical history and dosages.  So it’s vital for you to do a little research, on the type of medications you are taking.

Just like a Boy Scout, before you walk out that door and climb into the cab to start your journey, you need to be prepared.  Have all your vaccinations current.  Know what your health insurance policy provides, if you travel outside the United States.  Does it cover emergencies?  Does it provide trip cancellation insurance, if you need to cancel your flight, due to a medical emergency?  Keep emergency contact information with you and readily available should you ever need it.  Reference cards can be used to list all the important numbers and medical information including medications, surgeries, injuries, allergies, medical conditions  and general medical history.

Bring the medications you are familiar with and it’s also not a bad idea to check the laws of the country, where you are going, to see if there are any restrictions, on the medications you intend to transport.  Some countries may require you to present a license or special permission, to bring in certain medications.  Bring extra medications. Generally a good idea is to bring twice the amount, for the number of days you will be away from home. You never know, if on your trip, there might be a delay of some kind.  If all you planned for was medications for the exact number of days of your stay, you might save yourself the aggravation of seeking new meds, should you have to be delayed in another country.  Don’t expect to receive medication through the mail, if an emergency comes up.  Again, this may be against the law in some countries. Be sure to keep all medication, in its original bottles.  Nothing will look more suspicious than a baggie full of unknown pills.

Above all do your own research.  Know where you are going and all relevant information regarding the possession and transport, with the medications with which you intend to travel.

Take a Vacation from Mortgage and Income Woes

1399004__travel_rest_from_work__When stressful situations arise, the solution to the problem is to take a mini vacation from the problem by getting away from your home or office for the day to re-evaluate the situation and approach with a fresh perspective. By taking a “mini-vacation” and taking more time for yourself, you will be able to make a more informed decision and save yourself the time, money and hassle of making a costly decision because, you didn’t take the time to evaluate it carefully.

Check Your Insurance Regularly

Before leaving your house on Monday for work, take the time to review your insurance and make sure that you have enough insurance for where you’re currently at in life. You should make sure that you have enough PPI, life, medical and auto insurance because insurance will be there to protect you during those times in life where you’re unable to work and you need it.

Take Care Of Your Body

As you grow older, don’t hesitate to take care of your body. Body maintenance is an important part of life especially as your life gets busier and due to trials at home or work you become more prone to stress.

Besides taking care of your body, it’s also important to take time for yourself by spending at least an hour or more per week doing something for yourself like going to the spa, gym or store to purchase something that you’ve been wanting for yourself. A little pampering each week won’t hurt you and it will also enable you to raise your self-esteem as well.

Assemble A Team

You don’t have to be in business for yourself to have a team, you can have your own team of trusted advisors, friends or relative that you will turn to when you need advice or help in time of need. For example: when you’re experiencing problems with taxes, it will pay off to have a friend or family member that you can call who is experienced in dealing with tax problems you can get the help that you nee instead of spending a lot of time searching for the answer to your problem on your own.

How Far Would You Go to Get to the Game?

1397458_untitled (1)Sporting events are significant for both men and women.  In fact, many spend a fortune and/or travel great distances to catch their favorite sports in action.  This is true of the thousands who traveled to London for the Olympics.  And it is also true of today’s football fans.  With the new season approaching, many fans are asking themselves how far they will go to get to the big game.


One of the major factors involving the upcoming game is distance.  If you live by a football stadium, chances are there NFL tickets for sale often.  It’s easy to get your hands on them as a local resident.  Plus, it is convenient as well.  However, if you don’t live by a stadium, getting tickets might be more difficult.  Fortunately, many teams have online box offices.  Plus, you can always use a third party site like StubHub.  While you might be able to secure tickets online, you need to determine whether the distance is worth it.  If you are a huge fan, then you might be willing to drive across country.


In addition to distance, many football tickets are expensive.  In fact, even the big colleges charge a hefty fee for fans to watch them play.  If you are not willing to fork over the cash, you might miss out on the game.  Or, you can always watch it on TV.  It’s up to you.  However, sometimes money will get you in the door.  This is definitely true with ticket scalpers.  And if you are having trouble finding tickets, it might be worth it to get some cash to help you scalp the tickets.


Finally, keep in mind that certain games are more popular than others.  When the popularity of the game increases, finding tickets is also more difficult.  This is particularly true for big games like home openers or the superbowl.  If you are having trouble finding tickets, you might need to try craigslist or ebay.  However, don’t be surprised if the price is extremely high.

Remember, the true fan will do whatever it takes to get to the big game.

Donald R Bernard Travels to Argentina for Work, You Can Hit His Fishing Lodge for Fun!

1391920_austins_skyscraperDonald R Bernard is what you might call a dynamic personality. A man who has balanced a law career, a public service career, a Naval career of two decades, been active in cross-cultural understanding projects, a published author and a licensed commercial pilot; not to mention owning several successful businesses including a very profitable one shipping organically raised smoked rainbow trout all over the country. This man; who has accomplished so much, continues to strive for more as he travels the world.

Fishing and Fun

Donald is vice president of “Estancia Laguna Verde” in the vicinity of El Calafate in Argentina. This beautiful lake property has a fishing lodge that hosts fly fishing enthusiasts from around the world as well as offering trekking outings and bird watching tours for guests. The lake seems to have the perfect conditions for producing trout from 4 to 8 pounds and larger. It has gained the nickname of “Jurassic Lake”. Bernard also produces his smoked, organically raised trout from there which he sells to the Buenos Aires Market as well as shipping it around the world. He has several other international business interests which generate considerable income including “Golden Stag Safaris in La Pampa” which offers guests a big game hunting experience.

We’re not done Yet

Besides the Argentine endeavors Donald is involved with, he somehow has made time to become and instrument rated, commercially licensed pilot and recently been cleared as a volunteer mountain rescue pilot through Montana Emergency Services organization and is also a published author. Donald’s fishing lodge is one of the most popular fly fishing enterprises in the world; and Donald plays just as hard as he works. In his spare time, which amazes me where he finds it, he enjoys hiking, rafting, downhill skiing and scuba diving! It’s unbelievable how one man could have accomplished so much in his lifetime and still has fun doing it all. Donald Bernard is truly a Renaissance man who seems to have no end to his accomplishments.

Choosing A Carry On

1213464_woman_with_suitcaseThe cost of flights has increased dramatically over the last few years.  So have the hidden fees.  This makes flying a luxury.  And it could be the reason you are investing in a new carry on.  After all, who wants to pay baggage fees when you can carry on?  Here are some tips to help you choose a carry on.


Your first priority with a carry on should be comfort.  The more comfortable the bag, the easier time you will have carrying it around the airport.  Remember, you will need to check in, go through security, and walk to your gate.  If your bag does not offer any support and/or comfort, you might be in pain by the time you board the plane.  So try on the bags before you purchase them.  Choose one that will be comfortable to carry around even after you land.


Also, make sure to choose a bag that is fashionable.  Let your bag express your personality and point of view.  The Apple and Bee Travel Tote is a great option for your carry on.  This small bag says a lot.  It’s cute, eco-friendly, and different.  Get yours today before you travel.

The Right Size

Finally, make sure your bag is the right size.  Airlines have size restrictions when it comes to carry-ons.  And some may even charge you an extra fee if the carry on is too large.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Plan ahead and save time and money when you travel.  The good news is many companies make bags specifically to carry on.  These bags are the perfect size and they are designed for your travel needs.

It is important to take time to choose a carry on bag.  Make sure you compromise comfort and fashion.  And don’t forget to choose the right size bag.

Dressing Comfortably For Travel

1370148_shirtsSummer is one of the most popular times of the year to take a trip.  Are you planning a road trip?  If you are, use these tips to help you dress properly.  Keep in mind your travel road trip might be different than your regular one.  So adjustments might need to be made.


Travel Method


Your travel method will have a lot of impact on the clothes you choose.  For example, you might choose different clothing for the airport then you would the car.  Plan accordingly to make sure that you have the right clothes for travel.  Many people dress up more at the airport. However, they still prioritize comfort.  In the car, you will probably opt for something more casual since you will be sitting for an extended period of time.  In these scenarios, t-shirts are usually the best option.




Next, remember that the temperature changes when you travel.  If you are used to being outside all day, you might want to bring a sweater to cover up with at the airport.  If you are accustomed to air-conditioning, then you should be fine.  Also, many people get hot in the car.  Make sure your clothing can breathe so that you do not overheat when you are driving.  You will be glad you made this effort.


Where Are You Going?


Finally, understand where you are going upon arrival.  If you are going straight from your plane to the hotel room to sleep, you probably do not need to dress up at all.  However, if you need to be at a business meeting when you land, you should dress in the right clothes.  You might not have time to change when you arrive.  Even worse, some people lose their luggage and have nothing good to change into.


If you do have to dress up, wear something more comfortable so you enjoy your traveling experience.

Top Off the Perfect Camping Trip

1359634_campfireCamping’s one of America’s favorite pastimes. Packing up the family and taking a road trip to one of the countries thousands of State Parks or National Forests can be a rewarding and relaxing vacation. There’s a lot to do like fishing, hiking, biking, four wheeling or just taking in the sights of this beautiful land of ours! But how about trying a little something different this summer? How about capping off that camping trip with a little concert too?

Does Such a Place Exist?

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, nestled in the majestic Columbia River Gorge near the small town of George, WA, there’s a music venue like no other in the entire world. It’s called The Gorge. The Gorge is a music venue on a large spot of land next to the Columbia River. It’s 20,000 plus seating accommodations have been host to such bands as Nickleback, Cold Play, David Bowie, The Police and many, many more. The stage is situated so the crowd has unrestricted views of the Columbia River and the monumental Cascade Mountain Range. Besides the stage side seating shown in The Gorge Amphitheater Seating Chart, the general admission seating allows concertgoers to enjoy overnight camping before and on the night of the concert. Plenty of parking is available nearby the amphitheater and special needs access is also at hand.

What a Gorgeous View!

The Columbia River Gorge is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful camping spots in the country. The summer months in Washington State are among the most clement in the world. Beautiful clean blue skies, fresh air and green landscapes make it the perfect spot for a family camping trip. Besides the many big name individual music names that have played at the Gorge and the many more scheduled to play this year, the Sasquatch Music Festival occurs here every year. The festival is sponsored by The House of Blues and is host to tons of great indie and big name music artists. So when you’re thinking about that summer camping trip, don’t forget the Gorge!

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