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Nail That Vacation Tan

261378_relaxinBeautiful bronzed skin is the epitome of beauty.  It makes women more desirable.  In addition, women who are tanner feel better about themselves.  Statistics show that tanner women feel thinner and happier.  Make tan skin a priority on your next vacation.  Follow these suggestions for the ultimate bronzed skin.

Pre Tan

In order to maximize your vacation tan, make sure to prepare properly.  Good preparation involves pre tanning.  During the pre tan, you prepare your skin gradually for the sun so that it has a base color come vacation time.  Pre tanning is a slow process.  Spend a few minutes at the local tanning booth or sit in the sun during your lunch break.  This is the perfect amount of time to develop some color without burning.  Then, when you hit the sun full blast, you will not burn.

Use The Right Tools

In addition to the pre tan, it is important to use the right tools.  Prepare your skin properly with lotion, sunscreen, and the best stretch mark cream.  These tools will help you to maximize your tan and they will eliminate dry, flabby skin.  After all, a tan is only as good as the surface.  And if your skin doesn’t look good, neither will your tan.

Don’t Overdo It Day One

Next, remember to take it slow on day one.  You might need to take some breaks and let your skin breathe in the shade.  A good tan can happen if you get burned the first day, so exercise patience.  The more cautious you are the first day, the better.  And you will be able to better evaluate how your skin handles the sun in that area.

Get a new outfit to show off your tan when you get home.  Remember, your tan only looks good if it’s exposed!

Looking for Excitement? How About a Night in Vegas?

1216273_dice_illustrationBeing a PUA in Vegas has got to be about the easiest ‘job’ in the world. Have someone blow on your dice, shower them with attention and affection, tell them that they are your lucky charm and toss them a chip when you win. Instant success. Of course you have to win first.

You’ve Got To Love The Nightlife In Vegas

One can spend so much time in a casino in Vegas and it always seems like it’s the nightlife; even in the light of day. The sun is only shining if you walk out into it after all. Unfortunately things usually look better in the lower lights of the bar and casino. If the casino isn’t working for you one can always try the shows. There are more shows in Vegas than one can spin a roulette wheel at.

How’s Your Metabolism?

If you’re one of those people who can eat and eat and never gain an ounce you’re going to love the all you can eat buffets in Vegas (and be the object of many hateful glares). Maybe you can even hook up with someone else with your type of metabolism and the two of you can have a skinny sensational time.

But I digress; Vegas is a swingin’ town made for swingers. Go for it!

Funding your Next Vacation

online casino1It is getting close to vacation time, and you still cannot afford to go. You must think of a few ways to earn some extra money so that you can go on a vacation you want.

How to Earn Money

There are several ways to earn extra money for your vacation. One of these ways is selling extra items in your home. A rule of thumb is if you have not used it in the last year, you probably will not use it. This means it can be sold. There are several websites online including auction sites, where you can sell your items. You must take the time to find all the items, have a box for them, and get photos taken of them so that they can be online for people to see. This is a quick, easy, and simple way to make a few extra bucks.

Casino Time

Another way to make extra money for your vacation is to gamble. Some of us do not live near a real money casino, so we must gamble online. This is not a bad thing, but actually a very nice thing, because we don’t have to get dressed to go anywhere. We can gamble in our pajamas, and make extra money. Be sure to check to make sure your online casino site has quick payouts. It would not be cool if you won a bunch of money, but the payout date was 2 to 4 weeks. You would have to sit and wait for your money. So be sure to check on that when you are gambling online.

Between selling a few items online or gambling, should be able to earn enough to find your next vacation. It just takes some time, some skills, and a determination to do this and you will have extra money. It is not for everyone, but if you want your vacation bad enough, you will do it.

Take A Gambling Vacation

blackjack1Have you ever wondered where the top gambling vacation destinations are located? If you’re a blackjack lover like my family is, those are important destinations to keep in mind for your next holiday getaway. Don’t forget to save your pennies.

Play Blackjack, Slots and More

On the list of top gambling vacation destinations:

  • Big surprise here—Vegas Baby! Of particular interest to some is the slogan that Vegas has adopted as their own… “What happens in Vegas…” you know the rest. Mandalay Bay, the Sands, the Wynn, the Bellagio and other deluxe hotels all cater to gamblers far and wide.
  • Largest casino in the world-the Venetian Macau. This place spans an area that outdoes a total of four NFL football fields. This region of Southern China is destined to someday outdo Vegas.
  • Ivey, Seidel, and Johnny Chan’s ‘office’-none other than Atlantic City. Some of the same big name hotels you’ll find in Vegas are in Atlantic City as is big name entertainment, beaches and the boardwalk.
  • Gambling on water-cruise ships have some of the most magnificent gambling opportunities ever offered and they frequently dock in areas that have gambling in places as small as corner bars. Let’s face it, you’re stuck on a ship; you might as well eat or gamble.
  • G’day Mate-race tracks and casinos totaling over 400 call Australia home. Star City Casino and Crown Casino in Sydney host annual tournaments with some of the biggest buy-ins on earth.

Other Well Known Destinations

Blackjack, casino and other gambling vacations of top notoriety are Harra’s New Orleans in Mississippi; France’s more than 400 casinos; or Hustler and Hollywood Park in the City of Angels-L.A.
And for all you Bahama mama gambling queens—18 year olds and up can legally gamble on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. If you need more information on blackjack, sure to checkout wikipedia.

How To Manage Your Bankroll When Playing Blackjack

b4Blackjack money management? This is one of the main reasons why so many people fail at the game of blackjack. Any serious blackjack player must have a bankroll large enough to endure the normal ups and downs of the game. Having a large bankroll is important because it will enable you to ride out periods when you are losing and stay in the game. A broad overview of every aspect of blackjack can be found at wikipedia.

A Surefire Bankroll Killer

Over betting is one of the most common killers of any bankroll and the quickest way to keep you away from the blackjack table. Any player who overbets will win more money when they are win but the flip side is they will lose more money when they lose and any blackjack player who goes on an extended losing streak risks losing all of their bankroll is a short period of time. If you go on an extended losing streak it’s always best to stay away from the casino and get your game back on track by playing free online blackjack games and studying blackjack strategy through sites like and other wiki blackjack websites.

Bankroll Strategy

To help guard your bankroll against over betting you should have at least 30 units every time you play. What is a unit? It’s equal to what you will be betting. For example: If you’re betting $1 a hand you’re going to need $30.00 for that game. Always use your head before you walk into the casino to play blackjack or play blackjack online. Never bet money that you can afford to lose even if you’re on an extended losing streak and feel like luck is around the corner. Blackjack should always be a fun and enjoyable game that shouldn’t involve any stress. If you’re stressing out when you play it’s important to always walk away and come back to the table later in order to avoid losses that come from not being in the right state of mind when playing blackjack.

Improve your game at before giving it a shot at the tables in Las Vegas.