Nail That Vacation Tan

261378_relaxinBeautiful bronzed skin is the epitome of beauty.  It makes women more desirable.  In addition, women who are tanner feel better about themselves.  Statistics show that tanner women feel thinner and happier.  Make tan skin a priority on your next vacation.  Follow these suggestions for the ultimate bronzed skin.

Pre Tan

In order to maximize your vacation tan, make sure to prepare properly.  Good preparation involves pre tanning.  During the pre tan, you prepare your skin gradually for the sun so that it has a base color come vacation time.  Pre tanning is a slow process.  Spend a few minutes at the local tanning booth or sit in the sun during your lunch break.  This is the perfect amount of time to develop some color without burning.  Then, when you hit the sun full blast, you will not burn.

Use The Right Tools

In addition to the pre tan, it is important to use the right tools.  Prepare your skin properly with lotion, sunscreen, and the best stretch mark cream.  These tools will help you to maximize your tan and they will eliminate dry, flabby skin.  After all, a tan is only as good as the surface.  And if your skin doesn’t look good, neither will your tan.

Don’t Overdo It Day One

Next, remember to take it slow on day one.  You might need to take some breaks and let your skin breathe in the shade.  A good tan can happen if you get burned the first day, so exercise patience.  The more cautious you are the first day, the better.  And you will be able to better evaluate how your skin handles the sun in that area.

Get a new outfit to show off your tan when you get home.  Remember, your tan only looks good if it’s exposed!

Around the World Travel is Not Just a Dream

1372598_world_map_hdIf you love traveling and have been to destinations like: Hawaii, Cancun, New York or Paris and are getting bored with the usual travel destinations, it’s time to start thinking about traveling around the world. Join the elite of world travels like Richard Branson and Alex Van Heeren

Something Every Traveler Should Consider

You can only travel to the same old tourist destinations once or twice before getting bored and will start searching for somewhere else to travel, this is why it’s important start thinking about traveling around the world because, an around the world journey is something that even if he did it once in your lifetime, the effort and expense will be worth it and you would make memories plus connections that will last forever.

Where To Stop On Your Journey

The best way to start planning an around the world journey is by pulling out a map of the world, tacking it to your wall and then placing a thumbtack in every major city around the world that you’d like to visit. If you’re not sure about which cities to visit, the best thing to do is to choose cities by your level of interest, for example: you could visit Paris to purchase the latest perfume, Madrid to purchase an authentic Madrid Tee Shirt or Germany to purchase an real beer mug.

In planning their around the world trips, many people also choose the cities that they visit based upon time of year and events that the cities will be holding so it’s always best to research the cities that you want to visit online to find out things like: busiest times of year, when do they have the most events and where should you stay while you’re visiting there.

Top Beach Activities

1385237_isolationGoing to the beach is always a great family adventure because you get to spend time with all of your children. Having a fun adventure means looking for a missing treasure under the sand.

Metal Detectors

These gadgets are great because not only can you have a bonding experience with your family but you might actually find a cool treasure buried under the sand. In order to know how to operate a metal detector properly it is a good idea that you read the instruction manual and also do some research online.

What To Bring To The Beach

If your adventure is going to involve a metal detector then you probably should bring a bucket so that anything you find you are able to put in the bucket. You should also have a nice pair of sandals because the sand can get hot if you are walking around barefoot. Always be sure you have sunscreen on or wear a big hat because the sun can give you a really bad sunburn. Doing these easy things can make your adventure to the beach very fun.

Of course there are several other things to do at the beach like making sandcastle’s and surfing. If you’re looking for new ideas then use the Internet as a research guide to help you find things that you are able to do. The beach is a great way to have fun.

Time for a Quick Colorado Vacation

1382554_garden_of_the_godsWhether you choose to rent an entire house or take advantage of some of the specials at Vail hotels; one way or another—ski at the Vail resort.

Get A Special Surprise

If you build your quick vacation around one of Vail’s special events, not only will you be able to enjoy the kind of scenery that you seldom find elsewhere; but the gift packages that go along with the paid fee for these events are spectacular in nature. Frequently, the proceeds go to charities so not only are you enjoying yourself but helping others at the same time. For example, in April the events taking place are as follows: Spring Back To Vail which is the featured spring break event; Pond Skimming Championships; A Celestial Observation Of Mars; Grace Potter and The Nocturnals will be performing; the Bud Light Street Beat; Beaver Creek’s Disco Night; and the Celebrity Charity Ski Event which takes place annually on the slopes of Vail. If you don’t wait until spring to go to Vail, you will be able to take advantage of even more events. April 15 after all, is closing day at the Vail Colorado ski resort.

Always Something To Do And Somewhere To Go

With 91 restaurants and 32 hotels, there is no shortage of places to stay, things to do and different cuisines to sample. Whether you stay for a few days or over a week, be sure to check all of the specials available online. All inclusive packages are nice because they cover all the bases. You don’t have to worry about something you may have missed; everything is bought and paid for in one fell swoop. Of course you’ll need extra money for souvenirs and possibly some extra snacks, but that’s all part of the fun. There are even casino trips and sightseeing trips to help make the most of your brief stay at Vail.

And if celebrity sightings are your passion, Vail is a great place to possibly spot the celebrities who love to ski or snowboard. And spotting celebrities certainly won’t be a problem if you attend a Vail event featuring a famous singer or band.

Staying In Touch From France

1377034_eiffel_towerEach secte of France has something in common.  Despite cultural differences and races, all value staying connected.  Keep this in mind – whether you are a permanent resident or a part time traveler.  Then determine the best options for staying in touch.

Who Do You Communicate With?

Begin by asking yourself the following question, “who do I communicate with?”  Once you know who you communicate with, determine where they reside.  This will affect the connection choices you make.  Some plans will keep you connected to people in France.  Others will connect you to all of Europe.  And some plans will allow you to communicate with the entire world.  Make sure to choose the right one.  If not, you may get unwanted fees in the future.

Set Up Service

Next, set up service.  You may only need service in France for a week.  In most instances, your cell phone provider can help you with this.  If you plan on staying for a while, it might be more cost effective to look for a local service.  Contact ACN France and discuss your needs.  ACN inc uses a pyramide system to reach people like you.  They will be happy to take care of your needs and minimize your communication costs.

Lastly, keep in mind that the internet is a good option for staying in touch.  You can video chat your loved ones in a local café.  It is convenient and fun.  The only downside is that it takes patience and planning.  So if you need communication at the spur of the moment, consider a good plan that can help you.

The Best Motorcycle Trips In America

770104_motociclistas_playerosFor all of the motorcycle lovers taking a long tour across America is going to be the time of your life, and also a great big party.

Finding The Perfect Trip

This is going to take you some work because there are so many different motorcycle clubs and tours all over America. You are going to find that ultra conservative car accident attorney will be one of the wildest people on your tour. You might even know some of the people that want to go on tour, and they have a reputation for being party animals. The group of people you go with is going to make the trip much better. That is the first thing you need to determine is if you are going to go party, or go on more of a conservative motorcycle trip.

Booking Your Trip

Once you have found the perfect trip for you and your partner, then it is time for you to start getting prepared. You need to determine how much you are able to pack on your motorcycle. It is best to pack lightly because you can always wash her clothes along the way. You also need to make sure that you have all of your affairs handled at home, so that you do not have any issues while you are gone. Make sure you have a fully functioning cell phone that will work across the United States. You should give you number two your close personal relatives, and friends just so they know where you are going. You might even send out a group e-mail.

Your trip is going to be a complete blast so no matter if your biking adventure decided to be a party trip or a conservative trip; you are having a great time.

Can’t Miss Hollywood Landmarks

933791_concert_illustrationIf you’re planning a trip to Hollywood this year, there are many stops that you’ll want to take in.
Everyone Loves Music, To Some Extent
Do yourself a favor and go to the Hollywood Bowl website to check out the Hollywood Bowl Schedule; see who’s playing during your vacation. You might want to score yourself some tickets well in advance because the Hollywood Bowl is a once in a lifetime experience when it comes to performers and concerts. The fresh air, the stars above, the stars on stage and the evening’s closing fireworks will be something that you will remember for a long, long time.
Schedule Around a Performance…
Or you can just see who is performing when you already plan on taking your trip. The diversity of music genres at this Bowl runs the gamut. Country music, jazz, reggae music and even classical acts on Tuesdays and Thursdays are just a taste of what can be in store for you by getting a ticket to one of this year’s Bowl concerts.
And of course you wouldn’t want to miss the big Hollywood sign on the hill as one of the major attractions on your visit. Just don’t try jumping off any of the letters… It’s been done.

Consider Taking Part in a Meditative Retreat

1377967_scenic_lake_viewFor many of us, it is difficult to imagine sharing in a group. Those who have found a way in which to get in touch with their inner selves however may be more inclined to share their techniques and thoughts about meditation, with others.

Retreats And Holistic Holidays

Glastonbury, Somerset’s Shambhala; workshops on the Isle of Wight by David Hughes and Sylvia Clare; Wimborne, Dorset’s Gaunts House; Anglesey’s healing center; Scotland’s NewBold House or Dhanakosa Buddhist meditation and yoga; all retreats, getaways and holidays involving meditation, holistic treatment, workshops, therapies and organizations for those seeking healing, peace of mind and in search of their inner selves. Coincidentally, all are located in the UK. Of course the UK does not have the market cornered on Meditation Techniques.

United States Meditation Spots Not Too Shabby

The United States itself has some meditation retreats and getaways similar to those listed above in the UK. Kentucky’s Abbey of Gethsemani; Colorado’s Shambhala Mountain; the Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz; Oregon Hot Spring’s Breitenbush and others have much to offer such as mineral baths, yoga and meditation as their main attractions.
Even New York, in all its busyness, has found an area upstate that revolves around free love, utopia and spiritualism… I think I just had a flashback to the sixties!