My Parents Went On Vacation And All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt

382541_i_love_ny_tshirtI remember the day like it was yesterday. My parents told me they were planning a vacation to Hawaii – without me. It’s easy to understand why I felt left out. Who wouldn’t want to relax on the beach all day? Unfortunately to make up for it, my parents thought it fitting to bring me a souvenir. They thought I’d enjoy a t-shirt from the local surf shop. However, all it does is remind me that I missed out on Pipeline.

Shirts As Souvenirs

Obviously a souvenir is a popular gift. However, the wrong t-shirt is a constant reminder of the vacation you did not take. For example, people always walk around in the “I heart NY” t-shirts. Half of these people haven’t even been to the Big Apple – such a bummer. This t-shirt would be better served for a person who spent time in the big city.

A Good T-Shirt Souvenir

Interestingly, the best t-shirt souvenir I have seen is one that uses humor. In fact, cool t-shirts as vacation souvenirs are often the perfect idea. The humor seems to lighten the sadness someone feels when they are left out of a trip. Plus, it provides a good opportunity for the vacationers to share their travel log without rubbing it in.

If you are not sure what souvenir to purchase, consider something funny and avoid the sentimental. This will make all of the difference – especially with a t-shirt.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Colorado in the Winter

1141428_happy_to_be_skiingIf you had visited the peak one express blog you might not have missed all the activities that have happened so far this year. No worries though. There’s plenty more to come.

January Was A Busy Month

January was chock full of winter activities both indoors and out. There was a mixer at the Breckenridge Resort for both members and nonmembers. And if snow is what you’re looking for you should have been at the snow sculpting competition sponsored by Budweiser. It’s amazing what you can do with a pile of snow! At the river walk center there was even a chili cook off—that will warm your heart after a day on the slopes.

February Promises To Be Just As Busy

Once again you missed the boat on many of February’s scheduled activities. The snow carvers were out again on the very first day of February. Ridge Street Wine had a cheese and wine tasting that could have brightened your day. And restaurant and bar specials run practically 24/7. Toward the end of this month, February 21st and 25th, there will not only be a Mardi Gras but The National Repertory Orchestra will be performing.

You’ve been forewarned so you can’t use that as an excuse. Don’t miss out on the rest of the fun.

Looking for Excitement? How About a Night in Vegas?

1216273_dice_illustrationBeing a PUA in Vegas has got to be about the easiest ‘job’ in the world. Have someone blow on your dice, shower them with attention and affection, tell them that they are your lucky charm and toss them a chip when you win. Instant success. Of course you have to win first.

You’ve Got To Love The Nightlife In Vegas

One can spend so much time in a casino in Vegas and it always seems like it’s the nightlife; even in the light of day. The sun is only shining if you walk out into it after all. Unfortunately things usually look better in the lower lights of the bar and casino. If the casino isn’t working for you one can always try the shows. There are more shows in Vegas than one can spin a roulette wheel at.

How’s Your Metabolism?

If you’re one of those people who can eat and eat and never gain an ounce you’re going to love the all you can eat buffets in Vegas (and be the object of many hateful glares). Maybe you can even hook up with someone else with your type of metabolism and the two of you can have a skinny sensational time.

But I digress; Vegas is a swingin’ town made for swingers. Go for it!

Protect Your Skin From Travel

1371524_maxaraguape_beach_2Traveling can be hard on your pocketbook but it can be even harder on your skin. Protecting your skin from the ravages of wind, sun, saltwater and bitter cold no longer has to be a big, complicated, time consuming production.

Taking The Fancy-Shmancy Out Of Skin Care Products

You’re on vacation. You’re supposed to be resting and relaxing. While you revitalize your body and frame of mind, you can now do the same to your skin with an easy but effective three step method. Imagine coming home from vacation with healthier, younger looking skin than when you left! We’re not talking about a temporary, snow bunny, Florida tan here. We’re referring to lancer skincare system, that is medically sound.

Of Course You Could Always Get Your Skin Ready Ahead Of Time

With just a small head start, you can ready your skin for travel and have it looking the same or better when you return from your travels. Three simple steps: polishing-cleansing-and nourishing. That’s all it takes to have smooth, hydrated, youthful skin. One treatment in the morning and one treatment at night that take almost no time at all; and you’re on your way.
Don’t let travel have an adverse affect on your skin. You will feel better after a nice trip—so should your face.

Keep Your Trip on Track with Travel Insurance

1367912_idyllic_autumn_street_sceneryAny time you decide to go on a trip that involves traveling in a rented automobile it is always a good idea to some type of trip insurance to make sure anything and everything on your rented automobile is covered including your own personal property.

Best Ways To Find Insurance

The Internet is a wonderful place that has several resources for you to check out. You might want to do a search for the best insurance companies online and see what type of results you get. You are going to end up with lots of different companies; therefore it will be pretty easy to figure out which ones can work for you.

Getting Your New Policy

The really cool thing about obtaining a new policy is more than likely you won’t even have to leave your house to do so. New policies can be really easy to obtain because all you have to do is fill out a form and then pay for it online. Then all you have to do is wait for the mail for all of your paperwork.

Obtaining insurance is not that difficult these days, because everything is Internet friendly.

Planning a Driving Vacation?

1373301_sea_starWith the weather warming up across the United States, road conditions are improving for road trips and many people are planning on hitting the road for driving vacations. Before starting their road trip the average traveler should do the following.

Get a New Car Insurance Estimate

Most drivers are paying too much money for car insurance or they are under insured and have less car insurance than they need. To avoid either of these two scenarios happening to them, the average driver should get a new car insurance estimate to make sure that they have the car insurance that they need for their trip and are not underinsured.

Not Saving Money Isn’t an Option

Just by getting a new car insurance policy the average driver can easily save $100 or more per year. Here are some of the other easy ways a driver can save money on car insurance.
1. Don’t drive as much – Driving less per year and carpooling more will help a driver to save money on their policy and reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle.
2. Ask for discounts – If the driver is a good student, safe driver or a senior citizen, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for their discount.
3. Stay active in the community – Staying active in the community shows car insurance companies that if a driver is responsible in their community, they can be trusted to stay safe behind the wheel as well too.

Banking Tips for Your International Vacation

World Wide WealthCongratulations on your international vacation! You are a very lucky person to have a vacation that is in another country. It is a good idea you get a few important things covered before you head off on vacation.

Maintaining Your Business While on Vacation

More than likely you are going to have a manager that is helping out while you are on vacation. You still need to make sure you are monitoring everything. Your merchant account is going to be one of the most important things you need to maintain while you are gone on vacation. You need to make sure that all of the money is going into that account and that it can be accounted for.

What if I Need Extra Money on Vacation?

You have a few options then. If you are lucky the bank you bank with is in your location. All you will have to do is walk into the bank and give them proper identification and you will get extra money.

Enjoy your vacation as best you can, because then you have to come back to the real world and start working on your business again. Have a wonderful time.