Funding your Next Vacation

online casino1It is getting close to vacation time, and you still cannot afford to go. You must think of a few ways to earn some extra money so that you can go on a vacation you want.

How to Earn Money

There are several ways to earn extra money for your vacation. One of these ways is selling extra items in your home. A rule of thumb is if you have not used it in the last year, you probably will not use it. This means it can be sold. There are several websites online including auction sites, where you can sell your items. You must take the time to find all the items, have a box for them, and get photos taken of them so that they can be online for people to see. This is a quick, easy, and simple way to make a few extra bucks.

Casino Time

Another way to make extra money for your vacation is to gamble. Some of us do not live near a real money casino, so we must gamble online. This is not a bad thing, but actually a very nice thing, because we don’t have to get dressed to go anywhere. We can gamble in our pajamas, and make extra money. Be sure to check to make sure your online casino site has quick payouts. It would not be cool if you won a bunch of money, but the payout date was 2 to 4 weeks. You would have to sit and wait for your money. So be sure to check on that when you are gambling online.

Between selling a few items online or gambling, should be able to earn enough to find your next vacation. It just takes some time, some skills, and a determination to do this and you will have extra money. It is not for everyone, but if you want your vacation bad enough, you will do it.

Choosing Jewelry Souvenirs

Zakopane BeadsPlanning to go on vacation in 2012? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are either on vacation right now or are planning on vacations that they will take in the coming year.

While on vacation, many people will be purchasing heritage collection jewelry to remind themselves of the wonderful time that they had away from home.

Before spending money on any piece of jewelry while on vacation there are several things to look that will save anyone time and money.


Jewelry created in the United States is almost always held to the same universal standards but jewelry created overseas is typically held to less strict standards of quality. If someone is going on vacation when they are overseas, they should use caution when buying any piece of jewelry that claims to be 14K gold or real diamonds because those pieces will almost always not be as authentic as the jewelry store claims they are.

A general quality rule to follow is: the powerful the color of the stone or material that the jewelry is made from, the better. Poor quality stones or materials are a good sign that the jewelry is imitation and not worth the price.


Before buying a piece of jewelry from an outside vendor or store make sure that there is a rock solid return policy in place so you can return the jewelry if the material it’s made from irritates your skin or one of the stones falls out. At the very least you should have a 24 hour return or replacement policy so you can go home happy with your purchase instead of disappointed that you lost money.


If you’re buying jewelry in a location where it’s hotter than where you live you should proceed with caution especially if you’re buying rings. Why? When you sweat more your body will have less water weight and the jewelry will be able to fit easier than it will when you get back home into your normal climate and body temperature.

Travel to Southeast Asia on a Budget

bali 3Traveling on a budget can be very hard. You have to make sure you want to money and research on the Internet, so you get great deals. If you are lucky, you might have an amazing travel agent, that will make sure you get a great package deal as well.

What is my Budget?

Figuring out what your budget is can be difficult. You need to factor in a few things. The first thing to factor in, is can you actually afford to go on vacation. If you have determined you can afford to go on vacation, you need to make a list, with everything you will need. The first step is finding the perfect hotel. Hotels in Bali are often very affordable. So find the perfect hotels Bali, and your first step is completed. The second step is to factor in food and shopping. A very smart way to do this is to set aside $50 to $100 each day to feed yourself and your family. That is a safe estimate, and any leftover money can be applied to something else. You might find something such as a helicopter ride, horseback riding, or even an amusement park to go to. You will have the extra money to do it.

Getting Special Discounts

Prior to your vacation, always be sure you have checked every avenue as far as getting a special rate or discount. They are always out there, you just have to find them. Another way to get a special rate as when traveling, take the cheaper flights. Cheaper flights could save you lots of money.

Saving money when traveling, is a wonderful thing. It allows you to perhaps take another vacation in the same year. Be safe when flying and traveling.