What Should You Pack to Bring Along on Vacation

f5What you pack in a suitcase in order to be fashion-prepared for your vacation all depends upon where it is you’re going. Ski vacation? Do you want to be fashionable on the slopes or in the clubhouse by the fire? Caribbean cruise? You will of course want to be fashionable at poolside but don’t forget, there are dinners and banquets to attend (remember too that you will more likely than not put on a couple of pounds).

For the Beach Bum in You

Here’s a great outfit if you’re going to be a fashionable beach bum: first off, don’t forget the sun block (I don’t care what you’re wearing if you look like a leather sack!); a fashionable cloth tote bag with at least one color coordinating with your swimsuit; comfortable yet fashionable sandals; a colorful cover-up top which color coordinates with your suit and tote bag; a cute little bikini (or whatever you can get away with). One of those three should be very colorful, the other two a mostly solid design. And of course no beach outfit is complete without the latest fashion in sunglasses. Colored frames to match your sandals are a nice touch.

City Girl/Country Girl

Spending time touring the streets of a city calls for fashionable but crazy comfortable wedge sandals (two tone if you like), a floppy straw hat, a nice (not too big not too small) bag to match the sandals, a fashionable, modern and fun watch and some cute shorts which color coordinate with your short sleeved lightweight top. But in the country it’s tees, cut offs and sandals.

Color coordinating is never a bad idea, even if it’s just a little bit of color that ties it all together or brings out the color in a particular article of clothing.