Travel Reaps New Home Design Ideas



Waking up the first morning back in your own bed, you thought over where life had taken you recently. It was not that long ago that you were traveling abroad, and were inspired by all the different types of homes you came across, during your travels. Home design is an expansive field- you knew that much. You had seen the magazines, articles, and shows on tv that showcased all the different options and styles that were open to you over the years, but it wasn’t until you started seeing them in person, during your travels that you’re mind really started racing.

Travel not only broadened your horizons and relaxed your spirit, it got your creativity flowing as well. With so much information processing it’s way through your mind, you weren’t even sure where to start. One thing did stand out, however.


Get Out There And See The World

You were surprised by how fashionable in both look and design roller doors have become over the years. You pictured one set up in your garage, and the visualization alone was enough to convince you. The door added a refined, industrial look that really made your home stand out from all the others on your block, and it provided better protection from the elements than the old one that was currently attached to your garage. A bit of research showed you just how versatile and beneficial roller doors could be to a home, and that’s what sealed the deal. Big plans started to form in your mind, and they all started with your garage. It’s exterior remodeling would serve as the starting point for everything else you would do to your home.

Let New Experiences Guide You

Thinking back, you were amazed by how all of this started by getting outside of your comfort zone and travelling. Without that time away from familiar surroundings, things would have just kept on going as they were in your life. And while that wouldn’t have necessarily been a bad thing, you were happy to gain a new sense of perspective on things.
Moving forward, you planned to make an effort to remain more open minded than you had been in the past. Sometimes change was difficult, but sometimes it left you for the better. This was definitely the case. The new garage door would be a great start to better things for you and your home.

The Perfect Vacation Includes A Comedy Club

If you live in Australia you don’t have to leave Australia to have a spectacular vacation. You’re already in the land down under where vacations are made! If you don’t live in Australia… what are you waiting for? Book your Australian vacation today! You can probably save tons of money by booking through one of those online travel discount sites. That leaves you plenty of cash for spending on some real fun. And it doesn’t matter what you call fun… The Aussie’s have it!


What To Do In The Land Down Under

It would be awesome if you could hit one of Australia’s many comedy venues like for example, Kings Cross, Happy Endings Comedy Club. The comedians performing in Australia’s clubs are true professionals; some of which are booked to perform as the corporate entertainment for big name companies. If opera is more your style Sydney has its very own opera house.

Thirsty? Take a winery tour through Yarra Valley. If wine is not on your personal menu how about sitting down for some coffee at one of Melbourne’s coffee houses on Bourke Street? There is also the zoo and aquarium if you want a little distance (or a plane of glass), between you and the wildlife. There are plenty of indoor activities and things to see if the weather doesn’t cooperate with you or you just want to stay in. But Aussies love their weather ,so there is never any shortage of things to see and do in the great outdoors.


Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie

Festivals and cookouts abound in this land. There are music festivals, food festivals, comedy festivals and more. If you want to get your exercise there are all sorts of walking tours, exercise groups, horse riding, beaches, skydiving, cycle paths or skiing. If adventure gets your blood running try taking a swim with the crocs! No? Maybe a haunted house or sleeping in a World War ll beneath ground bunker sound a tad safer. Marine and/or jungle life of various kinds can be viewed in their natural habitat, from a distance or up close and personal.

Even extinct animals have left their mark (dinosaur footprints numbering 3300) and can be viewed at Queensland’s Dinosaur Stampede. And, just plain old Mother Nature at her finest can be enjoyed from boats, planes, in national parks, on sunset beaches, ferries, in rainforests, caves and more.

Incredibly, there isn’t much that Australia doesn’t have to offer! Laugh or get cultured. Walk, bike, ski, swim or jump out of a plane. View wildlife from afar or walk right up and touch it. Listen to music, eat seafood, enjoy nature from all aspects… the possibilities in Australia offer up the best vacation you will ever have.

Save Your Adventure Photo Memories

Are you the adventurous type? Whether you consider yourself so or not, it may be high time for you to have a real adventure vacation. Truth be told… it could be good for you! And for goodness sake don’t forget the camera. You’ll want lots of pictures to remember your adventure with.

You might also want to make sure you’ve got a sufficient supply of your finest printer’s ink, so that you can print those pictures in style and maybe even frame a few. Few things are more maddening than printing out all your action pics and finding out that you ran out of ink ½ way through.


An Adventure Is Just What You Need

Turns out, traveling and experiencing adventure is actually beneficial. Who knew? Feeding the natural wanderlust in all of us helps keep our minds and imaginations charged and firing on all cylinders. But there’s more:

  • Successfully enjoying an adventure helps to build self confidence and challenges your abilities.
  • Adventure helps you fulfill dreams.
  • Being away on an adventure vacation allows time for reflection and introspection. Family adventures get everybody up off the couch and away from the computers and video games.
  • Particularly in the case of a guided adventure you get to try out a way of life that you may not have been able to do safely by yourself. All the more reason to make sure you get, print and frame a picture! Be sure to use the proper printer, settings, ink and paper so that your picture will not only look great but last a long time.
  • During an adventure, you never know what’s around the next corner. Dealing with this type of uncertainty can help you deal with life and your job when things don’t always go exactly as planned.


Go On… Take A Hike

No, that’s not meant to be an insult. It could actually be good for you… go figure. Walking, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, running – all these activities are probably in pretty short supply in your everyday life. But on an adventure getaway you can revive your physical activity level. This gets your heart beating and sends more blood and oxygen to your brain. This all serves to help keep you sharp mentally and that’s never a bad thing! As we age, our minds start to fail us. Our memories fade and parts of our brain actually begin to shrink. Even moderate, regular physical activity helps keep that part of your brain active and healthy.

Getting out for a breath of fresh air is good for your lungs, your mind, your weight, your overall well being. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Good old fashioned soap and water can wash all the adventure off of you and your clothes… all the more reason to make sure you get plenty of pictures. And use eco-friendly products whenever possible so that there will be plenty of adventures out there for the future.

Plumbing Issues Interrupt Your Vacation!

1134582_dripping_tapWhether you are all set to leave or have already departed for your vacation, the last thing you need is some type of emergency taking place to put a damper on the entire thing.  If you own any type of rental property, this is the time when your tenant calls with some type of plumbing emergency that just can’t wait.

If you own your own home, the exact same thing can happen.  If the plumbing emergency happens in your home, while you’re on vacation however, you’re really going to hope that there’s someone there house sitting to discover it.  If the other hand, it’s something as simple as a clogged drain, before you leave on vacation… Don’t put off until you return from vacation what you can do before you leave for vacation.  Get a qualified plumber out there to clean your cast iron drain line before you leave so that you don’t have to come home to that (or worse).

Cast-Iron Drains Take Special Care

Cast-iron drains are a special case because, though they are made of thick, sturdy materials they have a tendency toward rust.  The drain pipes themselves can’t be blamed for this nor can the cast iron – they are exposed to some of the most disgusting and corrosive gases and chemicals that are known to mankind just by their very nature.  And this would be another reason why you don’t want to let a clog or a slow running drain simply sit there, while you go on vacation.  Get your cast iron drains running freely and keep them that way to avoid as many issues as possible before it runs into expensive costs for repairs and replacement.

Are You Remodeling Your Kitchen?

If you can afford to go on vacation and remodel your kitchen, kudos to you.  But, if you had to put your vacation on a back burner, so that you can remodel your kitchen and you have cast-iron plumbing you may consider bringing in a plumber to replace those corroded cast-iron pipes with new age PVC or some other type of technologically advanced plumbing materials.

Is this an extra cost?  Yes it is but you have the option of replacing damaged pipes now or replacing them in the future and additionally having to pay for everything that gets damaged when those pipes (that were bound to go sooner or later anyways) finally give up the ghost.

The old adage, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, frequently applies when it comes to plumbing.

Picking The Best Fly Fishing Destination

972929_nothing_but_a_postcardIf you’re looking for the best fly fishing destination in these United States you can’t do better than to book one of many available Alaska fly fishing trips. Many of these trips come in a package that includes a luxurious, fully furnished cabin in the woods with a fully supplied kitchen.  Some even have lake/river access.  And if fly fishing is your passion, don’t forget your waders.

Clear, Fresh, Icy, Blue Mountain Waters

It sounds like a commercial for bottled water but it’s true.  Alaska’s mountain streams and rivers are the cleanest and freshest around and the fish you catch from them will be like no other fish you have ever caught before in your life.  The fight alone is worth the trip and can end up furnishing the lucky angler with a trophy that any angler would be proud to hang on their wall.  Every kind of salmon imaginable is available here in addition to rainbow trout, northern pike, Grayling, Lake Trout, dollies and other fresh fish.  Wade into the stream or fish from floating platforms – whatever it takes to land the big ones.

Out in the Middle of Nowhere… You’ve Got to Love It

So secluded and untouched is this land that few roads lead there.  You will in fact be taking a small plane to many of your destinations be it hunting, fishing or otherwise.  In addition to your fly fishing equipment don’t forget your camera because while taking you to your eventual destination you will be flying over glaciers, mountains, lakes, and any number of wildlife settings are common to say the least. So popular are the sightseeing trips by small plane that guides endearingly refer to them as ‘flightseeing’ tours.  Not crazy about flying?  Maybe you’d rather go kayaking, dog sledding, bird watching, shopping or hit a couple of rounds of golf.  It’s all there waiting for you in Alaska.

If salmon fly fishing is what you’re going to Alaska for keep in mind that timing is crucial.  In the early part of August Alaska’s Silver Salmon are commonly caught.  Exciting action can be experienced while fishing for Alaska’s beautiful red salmon or sockeye salmon.  And then there are the king salmon.  The Kenai River has given up a record 97 pound Alaskan King Salmon.  Pink salmon, or humpback only return on even numbered years.  Even if you don’t fish, when the salmon are ‘running’ it’s quite a sight to see.

A Hong Kong Trip Requires a Great Deal of Preparation

1365026_long_beach__tasmania_bay_of_firesWhenever you are planning to travel internationally, you need to plan for every scenario, before you can make your trip.  As a matter of fact, you may want to have everything ready, before you even finalize your travel plans.  If you are heading to Hong Kong, there will be a few things unique to that region, that you may not be familiar with, so do due diligence to research and you can avoid being hit with culture shock.  Not to mention, there is so much to do in Hong Kong, that you will want to make sure that you list everything and familiarize yourself with location, apparel to wear,  entry cost etc.

International Travel

When you are travelling internationally, there are plenty of hoops you will have to jump through.  As an example, you will have to make sure that your passport is completely in order before even attempting to travel out of the country.  Receiving a passport can take a bit of time and even if you complete your application and submit everything exactly as it should have been, you may still have a bit of red tape to get through.  Another thing to remember, while not nearly as essential, is that other countries may not have products that you are used to, such as a specific brand of soap, or deodorant, even specific brands of food or bottled water etc.  If you have specific needs, when it comes to these types of items, make sure to bring them along.  I have friends that even pack a suitcase with their favorite snack foods and as it empties, during the trip, they fill it with their purchases found along the way.

Plenty to Do

Hong Kong has plenty to do for everyone,, but customizing a vacation that is specific to your desires will be something you will want to do before you go.  For instance, you may want to visit the beaches of Discovery Bay in South Lantau Island to see why so many people flock there in the summer.  You may be planning on visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, so perhaps you want to know when the best time of the year to visit will be.  There is plenty to do in Hong Kong so make sure to get the most of your trip.

From researching attractions to applying for your passport, travelling to Hong Kong is going to take some planning.  Once you see the beauty of Hong Kong, and learn the history of this charming island.  It is a beautiful and mysterious place steeped in a long history and worth every single hoop you have to jump in order to get there.

Be Responsible Before Getting On The Road

1403442_old_cameron_bridgeYou’ve heard it 1 million times… If you drink, drive responsibly.  Has it occurred to anyone other than me, that the words ‘drinking’ and ‘drive responsibly’ don’t even belong in the same sentence?  Maybe this instead: if you’re drinking, make intelligent decisions regarding driving.  Or better yet, if you are drinking don’t drive dammit!  Certainly at least not until the next day, when you’ve sobered up and aren’t hung over anymore.  A drunk driving charge on people’s DMV driving records can be far more detrimental than one may have originally thought.  That is of course only one small reason not to drive drunk.

Been There, Done That

Many of us have been guilty of getting behind the wheel, after too many drinks.  You’re just a little buzzed, so you’re sure you can drive if you really concentrate, pay attention and stick to the speed limit. But, as so many commercials will have you believe these days… Buzzed driving is drunk driving.  If all the tests and studies that have been done aren’t enough to convince you, that first accident should.  Sadly, that first accident could be your last.  It could also be the last time some 16-year-old kid gets behind the wheel of dad’s car and just happens to be in your way, after you had one too many.  That the kind of thing you want to live with for the rest of your life?  Could you even live with it for the rest of your life? If your conscience didn’t kill you, you can look forward to the financial devastation that something like this could end up wreaking on your bank book and your family.  Everybody makes mistakes, just don’t make this one.

I Have Here, in Front of Me, Your Driving Record

What individual in your life may utter those words?  Unfortunately for you, it could be a potential employer.  Even if you aren’t applying for a job that involves driving, some businesses do the kinds of background checks that involve driving records with the DMV.  You can tell an awful lot about a person by looking at their driving record after all.  Irresponsibility behind the wheel could very well equal irresponsible at work.  Distracted, inattentive drivers are likely to be distracted and inattentive on-the-job.

And, that drunk driving charge we referred to earlier…?  This person may well be an alcoholic.

Take A Puff While On Vacation

849720_beachWhat do all of these countries have in common: Vietnam, Venezuela, the United States, United Nations, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Poland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Mexico, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Kenya, Japan, Jamaica, Ireland, India, Hungary, Hong Kong, Greece, Germany, France, Denmark, Croatia, China, Canada, Brazil, Bermuda, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Albania and many more?   Each and every one has at least some kind of smoking ban currently being enforced.

How Does a Smoker Travel Comfortably?

If you don’t want to have to worry about finding a place where it’s safe to smoke, while you’re traveling on business or vacation, there is a very simple solution.  It’s called an electronic cigarette and it reportedly gives you all of the same benefits of smoking a cigarette, but without the unhealthy effects of the burning tar and smoke. These modern marvels come in all sorts of flavors, from fruity all the way to an authentic tobacco flavor. Some even light up on the end, when you inhale to look more like the real thing. What you are inhaling exhaling is nothing more than harmless water vapor possibly mixed with a specific dose of nicotine, whose dosages vary depending on your habit.  Many places that don’t allow the smoking of cigarettes, do allow the use of electronic cigarettes.  Many… Not all.

Yes It’s True – The Establishment Strikes Again

The powers that be have been at it again. Some brilliant mind came up with a way for smokers to enjoy their smokey treats, as smokeless treats so some big wig sitting at a desk somewhere had to think of a way for the smoking Nazis, to again reign victorious.  Sure enough, some places are actually banning the use of electronic cigarettes, just like they did with real cigarettes.  They make claims about weird chemicals being somewhere in the mix, in addition of course to the nicotine being consumed by the smoker.  If you want to put nicotine in your body should the government really have anything to say about it?  They may ban smoking in public areas, but they’re certainly not banning the sale of it, from which they make a mint from taxes.

Maybe if they could solve the national debt through the taxation of electronic cigarettes, Big Brother and other government organizations would be more on board.  I mean seriously, God forbid that smokers be allowed to take in their nicotine fix, without the harmful effects of stinky, burning tobacco.  Wait a minute, wouldn’t that mean banning nicotine patches as well?  Hmm.

Admiring Marble Floors in a Five Star Hotel

1251432_marble_smooth_10If you have ever walked through the lobby of a five star hotel, you were likely blown away by pretty much every feature that the hotel had to offer, especially if it was your first time staying in such luxury.  Not only are the floors spotless and free of imperfection, every inch of the hotel seems as if it were almost sprayed with some sort of dust and dirt repellant to keep it clean.  However, the secret of keeping things so clean is simple – hire a great cleaning team.

While You Were Sleeping

When you are staying in a five star hotel, the owners and managers will do their best to make sure that the guests aren’t inconvenienced in any way.  This generally includes the cleaning that must be done every day.  So, in maintaining this frame of mind, the hotel managers and owners tend to arrange to have most of the cleaning done during the night, when the majority of their guests are sleeping.  They make sure to use machines that clean as quietly as possible and use only the highest quality supplies, so that you aren’t waking up to chemical fumes the next morning.  Really, no one wants to breathe in fumes, when they are trying to eat their breakfast.  Of course, for the less intrusive chores such as gardening or housekeeping are allowed during the day time, but for the deep cleaning, there is usually a late night involved.

Take Time to Appreciate

The fact that so much time and thought goes into the cleaning of these gorgeous hotels, it really is important that you take a moment out of your day and just admire the scenery.  Unless you stay in a five star hotel on a regular basis, you may not know when the next time you will be able to enjoy luxury will happen.  Take a moment while you are checked in to simply enjoy the hotel around you.  Really take time to appreciate all that the hotel has to offer, from the spotless marble floors in the lobby to the well-manicured green of the golf course, even just the cleanliness and luxury of your hotel room.  People tend to glance over the little things, but the truth is that it is all of these little things that truly make the experience memorable.

Staying in a five star hotel is something that some of us will only do once or twice in a lifetime, if ever.  If you get the chance to experience this, truly take the time to experience and appreciate the hotel for what it is: a combined effort between the management and staff to provide you with an experience you won’t soon forget.

Traveling For A Wedding Is The Best Time To Shop

You have put so much work into your wedding. The dresses for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the invitations. The music sound system or maybe you have a live band. Decorations, flowers, table coverings. Food and drink. You worry that your guests will be satisfied and happy. And, to top it off, your wedding isn’t even in your home town. You have to travel for it. Should this be more stress? Absolutely not! Often times when traveling for a wedding, you can find spectacular deals and items you may not be able to find in your home town, including wedding shoes. This will allow you a little more freedom and variety, not only for your wedding in general, but for you for new clothing purchases.

Shopping On The Honeymoon

The wedding is over. You and your new husband have finally made it through the wedding, made the rounds to all of your guests, and have driven away to begin your new life together. But first, the wedding night and honeymoon are about to begin. Suddenly you realize you forgot something back home in the closet! The lingerie. Now, of course your husband probably won’t care. After all, men don’t really care what you wear, as long as they get to see you naked. This, however, is your special night. Fortunately, if your honeymoon is in a major city most malls have lingerie stores. If your honeymoon takes you to a beach location, you may find more stunning beach wear at your destination rather than from your city of origin. Beach resorts specialize in swimsuits, bikini’s, and if your buttocks is shaped for it, the daringly skimpy thong! You may even find other outfits you never expected to find back home.

Shopping For The Honeymoon

Don’t forget your footwear. Men will take a couple pairs of shoes and be happy. Women know better. Shoes can make or break an outfit. But again, depending on where you go for the honeymoon, you may find something you can’t live without along the way. Perhaps a new pair for that slinky evening dress you brought, or a new pair of sandals for the beach. Or even a sexy pair of stiletto heels to go with the lingerie you just bought, because you forgot to pack what you originally bought and left it hanging in the closet back home.

No matter what, be prepared for a few side trips for shopping. You will be surprised at what you can find along the way!

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